It's far from being spring here in Montreal, but I can't help but dream of it, specially with all the spring and summer collections popping up here and there. One collection that caught my eye is Misha Lulu- I saw a sneek peak and knew I wanted to share with you these beautiful images and clothes.
I remember discovering Misha Lulu for the first time on the Modern Kiddo blog- they were having a giveaway and was really bummed out when I didn't win, I've been a fan ever since. I now follow Karen, the designer on Pinterest ( you should to) and just love seeing some of the old Misha Lulu photoshoots as well as everything that inspires her.
This Spring- Summer 2013 collection really has me dreaming...

... dreaming of a vacation on a boat, by the beach, whale watching and sand castle building.

Don't you just love the use of the prints and the retro feel of the collection. I particularly love the whale print and the amazing use of yellow and pink as a color combination, but then again Misha Lulu always has that magical touch when it comes to putting print and colors together.

How lovely is the Hello Kitty collection as well? I am not showing these photos to my daughter- Miss E would flip out and I wouldn't hear the end of it- she's a little Hello Kitty crazy these days!

Seriously, I couldn't finish writting up this post without talking about the photoshoot, which is really what caught my attention in the first place. How lovely are the photos by Jessie Kenney- you should check out her blog- I too want to take a color war photoshoot with my husband! How about the styling? So nicely put together- it's by Heather Rome, one of my favorites; you've probably seen her work in Babiekins Magazine. You should also check out her vintage shop- it's one of the best.
I can't wait to see the entire collection.

Let the countdown begin... spring we are ready!!!


  1. Oh, I love that swimming cap! Do you think I'm too old for it? I have a very small head - it is barely bigger than my girls!

    1. We are never too old for a vintage swimming cap! ;) you must have the hardest time finding hats for your girls!

  2. thank you so much for the mention! I adore Karen and her creativity. This line is adorable. I want everything from the collection.


    1. My pleasure! How lucky you are to have seen and touched the clothes... I bet you love working with such wonderful pieces. ;)

  3. Thank you for the wonderful post and for being so kind to shout out my business as well. This was one of my most favorite shoots to date. Misha lulu, Heather, and the models are amazing to work with!! :) -jessie with juneberry photo.

    1. Oh I just loved the photos on your website- they made me laugh and cry! I bet you guys had a lot fun shooting this collection, we can see it in your photos!!!


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