DIY: Lego Stamping...

Todays tutorial is another easy stamping technique, an other all over print that is simple to do with 3 steps. The kids could totally help with this one too, well the older kids! 

How this all got started... I bought these plain sweatpants at H&M and I knew I wanted to make them fun with an all over print, for weeks I wondered what I would do... I thought geometric shapes, I thought of putting boats or trucks. I was trying to find something my son liked without it being to intricate nor girly. Then I started to think of all the things he liked and the legos came to mind... he spends hours playing with his legos- PERFECT! 

So today I bring you- The Lego Stamp tutorial...

What you need: 
- 2 legos preferably the same size
- Some Sweatpants or anything you want.... dish towels, a scarf, a t-shirt, a pillow case etc...
- Fabric Paint ( I used Pebeo metallic black)
- Paint brush ( I used a stenciling sponge) 
- Iron to heat set your paint, if needed

STEP1: stack 2 legos one on top of the other.

STEP2: Apply some paint to the bottom of your lego.

STEP3: Stamp the front and let it dry... Stamp the back and let it dry.

STEP4: Iron if your paint fabric requires it.

There you go! All done...

Now Miss E loves her legos too, so she got some lego leggings of her own!

I'll be surprising the kids with these, so no photos of the kids wearing them- Sorry.


  1. This is most excellent! We're. A huge Lego family.

  2. Thanks ladies! Sometimes the answer is just in front of you, or under your foot, hihi!!!!

  3. This idea is awesome! Thanks for the tutorial. And Happy holidays btw.

  4. Thank you! @Justine & @Happy Morning. Happy Holidays :))))

  5. I love all your DIY ideas, this one is so brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Can't wait to try this! BTW, would you mind sharing where I can find the Lego font? :) lorepuckett at gmail dot com


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