DIY: Easy Peasy Dotted Scarf

Todays DIY is easy peasy, so much so a 3 year old can do it (with a little supervision), you'll need very little supplies and all in all it will take you about 15 min ( minus the ironing!).

I present to you........ The Dotted Scarf...............

Make it for your kids or for a gift. How lovely would this be as a teachers gift? Something cute, useful and one of a kind.

-You will need some jersey fabric... 
For an Adult I recommend a piece that is 40cm by 2m40. I like my scarfs extra long so I can wrap them around twice.
For a Kid I would recommend making it 30-40cm wide and 1m80. 

If you do not have any t-shirt fabric handy, you could always buy an American Apparel jersey scarf. They have lot's of wonderful colors to choose from. You could always cut the scarf in two and get 2 for the price of 1.

-Scissors to cut your fabric.
What is great about jersey is that you can cut and wear, wash and wear again- it will not fray. 

- A Pencil with an eraser, preferably new. This will be your small dot stamping tool.

- A cork, preferably smooth and as flat as possible. You can always cut the end. This will make your larger dots.

- Fabric paint. I used a metallic pink from Pebeo.

- A flat container or surface for your paint. 

- An Iron (i forgot to include it in my photo). This will help heat set your paint to your fabric. Please read the instructions for your fabric paint- you might not need to iron!


1- Cut your fabric in the desired length. 
If you buy 2.4m of fabric you will probably can get 3-4 scarfs from it. 

2- Poor some paint on a flat surface, dab your eraser into the paint and stamp your fabric. Over and over again.  Do the same with your cork.
If your table isn't long enough you might have to paint one section, move the scarf over and paint the second portion.

If you are doing this with the kids I recommend taping the fabric to the table. 

3- Let it dry. Iron if the instructions for your fabric paint requires it.

Tada! Your done.

I love that the children helped me with this project. The pattern came out nicely and very uneven, which is what I love about it. My brain just wanted to fill in the holes and make it even, I had to stop myself a little. 

Now the possibilities with this stamping technique are endless. You could do this on a t-shirt, a pillow case or shopping bag... Make it monochromatic or go crazy with colors.

Just one thing, have fun!!!


  1. @Jessica, thank you! So simple and easy :)

  2. Such a cute idea to get the kids involved. It looks fantastic. I know what you mean about trying to fill in the gaps and make it even when what you really want is something random.

  3. @Laura, haha... a real exercise, I tell you! The kids had no idea about patterns or gaps or dots being to close together or far apart. A great skill I wish I had!

  4. Celina,

    I just love this project! I can't wait until I can trust my kids with fabric paint! I just wanted you to know that I featured it on sewistry: . I hope that's ok!

    1. thank you sooooo much for featuring my DIY. My kids were 3 and 5 when we did this- i am sure your kids can handle it with a little supervision. ;)


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