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If you could only see me right now, I have the biggest smile and I'm so excited to share with you my latest internet adventure: Luvocracy.

Perhaps you are aware of this already, but just about 5 years ago I had to close my little boutique, Mosspink and there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think to myself "how I miss my shop" and "oh what could have been". I still bump into old customer that beg me to open up shop again even though their kids have outgrown childrens clothing. I had what I'd like to think the coolest store in Montreal with just the greatest indie brands of the time. I have kept that passion alive by pinning my heart out and blogging about all the brands I love and would have probably have carried... until today!!!

Today, I have Luvocracy! I can hear you screaming "what is it? what is it?". 
Are you ready?
It's a new social platform around shopping. Say what? 

Everyday I spend hours searching the web for great product and then I get a kick and thrill sharing it all with you through my blog or Pinterest. Now with LuvocracyI can share these products and make recommendations in what I like to call my virtual-real online store. In the last couple of weeks I've been gathering some of my favorite things from my favorite online stores and basically have been putting them onto all kinds of different boards. Now the best part is that you can buy directly from my selection without having to leave the site. 

So it's sort of like Pinterest except that it's only product focused and Luvocracy takes care and handles the transaction on your behalf. It's one site with all the best products from all over the web, at least I'd like to think so. No more searching and googling for hours, you enter your credit and shipping info once, no more searching for sold out products, or dealing with a lost package, Luvocracy does all the work for you! 

And again, a little like Pinterest, you can follow people in whom you trust their taste and selection and Luvocracy will create a catalogue of recommendations from the selections of these people you trust. Making your shopping experience that much more fun and easy. 

So what's in it for me? Besides curating my own little online shop, I also make a cut of the sale from the products I've recommended. That makes everybody happy, the boutique owners of the products I've recommended, you and me! Basically, every time someone purchases a product that has been recommended, the curator makes a small commission of that sale. And it goes for anyone and everyone on the site. 
Are you exited yet?

Would you like to join me? 

You too can curate your own little online shop or if you'd like you could just shop. Since the site is fairly new, you need an invitation to join, so you can go directly to this link and join there or send me an email and I'll gladly send you an invite. I'm really looking forward to seeing your recommendation and having some new friends to trust!

Come check out my selection often as I will be adding things everyday... and not just for kids!!! 


  1. Fun! I would love an invite! :-)

  2. Who pays you?? The person who you took their picture of THEIR item and you put it on your blog without their permission and that person now has to pay you???
    This sounds like something I would not like any part of at all!! My husband and I create all our own items by hand out of wood and believe me, I don't want anyone selling my product without permission!!! You had better be very careful about what you are promoting to sell copy righted items! You could be taken to court!
    Everyone beware of this site that she is promoting!!

    1. Dear Anonymous, If someone isn't happy with me promoting their items I would gladly take it down. No one pays me to post anything on my Blog- I do that out of kindness and for my love and passion about children's design. If you are talking about Luvocracy, they pay me a small comission if and when an item is sold. I just share waht I like and try to promote small businesses that I love with the many followers I have. I'm sorry you feel this way, I totally understand that you woudln't want your items being sold without permission, but you should really take it out on Luvocracy.

  3. You are putting items up that you get a commission for without that item's owner (all copy righted) being notified! You are making money on an item that by law is not yours to sell, as you have had no contract with this person. Most of these people who you have on your site had no idea you were trying to sell their stuff through Luvocracy!! Many have said they didn't even know that Luvocracy existed until this past week! And when you put it up, Luvocracy use their photo to find a similar item at a lower price and probably of low quality and not what they saw in the photo. You had better be very careful and notify these people of what you are doing as you are also trying to gather more people into your blogosphere to promote copy righted material. These photographs are copyrighted and you are using them illegally for your personal gain!!

    1. Thank you for your concern. I obviously do not want to be part of anything that might be illegal- you obviously don't know me well. I will definitely contact Luvocracy and clear all of this up, and if need be close up shop. But please do not make assumptions about me.

    2. We all don't need to know you personally. We only know what you are doing and you are infringing on the copyright laws. We own the product, all the items are ours and we decide who and what can use our properties. Laws are to protect our products and properties, there is no contract here with any of us. You and Luvocracy have decided what you are going to do with property that is not yours.
      Read what someone wrote this a.m.
      "I have a brick and mortar shop where we make and sell everything in our shop. This (to me) sounds like someone from another town coming in my shop, taking photos of my items that I have for sale and saying "I am going to sell these for you through my store, no charge to you, but you do not have a choice, we're doing it!"

      "I do not think they would make it to the door before my shoe... Well you get the picture. Taking other peoples property (our listings, photos) is stealing when done without our written permission. This IS NOT anything like these other sites for people to "like" something, this is a site they are setting up for profit (at some point) so right now they are stealing inventory for their site."

      "Remember there is no free lunch, at some point they will be expecting a profit and someone is going to have to pay. But to just take anything from another to build your own site is low in my humble opinion."
      Well said!!!


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