Nice to meet you.... ROXY MARJ

It is such a pleasure to have discovered Roxy Marj's universe. I absolutely have fallen head over heels for her illustrations which you can find on a variety of great accessories in her Etsy shop and it's not just for your kids this time! Her brooches are adorable and what can I say about the pillows- SWEET. You will find fabric clutches, bunting, paintings and note cards, most of it is handpainted and therefore one of kind- Perfect!


Oh! and check out the set of 4 Posters... So much fun for the kids to color in, don't you find?

So, not only is her Etsy shop filled with the cutest and loveliest finds, but her blog is AMAZING too. You can follow her creative journey and discover all the little things that inspire her.

Thanks for commenting on my blog Roxy and making me discover your lovely little world. I'm truly pleased to have met you! 


  1. What a great find! This is all so lovely!

  2. @Deborah, Lucky me she found me!!! Just love how the blogging world works:)

  3. I didn't know this label. It's lovely!

  4. @Joke, so happy happy to have made you discover it!

  5. Amazing!!!


  6. So lovely. I'd love a set of the posters - for me :)

  7. so cool! i love them all - i will have to visit her shop! thanks for sharing :) x


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