Make It Up Stories & Stuff...

Have you heard, New York City was invaded by aliens...

The RDM family sailed away...

and made it safe all the way to Paris...

In case you are wondering, I'm guest posting on Buzzmills today and it's all about making up stories with the kids. I would love it if you came to check it out. The kids and I worked very hard!!!


  1. Love love LOVE this! When I nannied in New York, me and the girls [two sisters] would make up stories all the time together. I have forgotten them, yet they still remember them. Kids are awesome!! :) & Just found your blog today. :) yipee!

  2. Roxy Marj, first welcome to my little world, how sweet of you to pass by and comment too :) The world of children fascinates me in so many different ways, I can't believe they still remember those stories. I sure hope mine will too, at least they have this blog post in case they don't!!!

  3. I loved your finger puppets and the different stages your children made. I'm going to have to make some of the finger puppets, my two will love them too I'm sure. You're going to be a tough act to follow :)

  4. Oh Laura I can't wait to see what you come with! I didn't realize you we're part of the group, so cool! I promised I would do a tutorial for the puppets, but you don't need my help to make your own, I'm sure :)


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