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upcycled sweatpants
In case you are wondering where I've been and what I've been up to this week, I thought I would give you a heads up!
It's that time of the year where I participate in the KCWC challenge over at Elsie Marley's blog, one week of sewing for your kids for an hour a day. This is my fourth participation and I usually put everything on hold to get my sewing done.

Have a look at what I've done in Days 1 & 2. Lot's of old sweaters getting recycled...

The first one up top was a zip-up of mine and I simple used the sleeves to make some jogging pants for Miss E. I'm trying to get a tutorial done on Let's Do Sew ( hopefully by the end of the day!).
upcycled sweatpant from sleeves kids handmade
upcycled sweatpants
A little more of the same- pants from sleeves!  This time I dropped the waist a little.

upcycled cashmere tunic/ dress

One XL cashmere sweater can provide lot's of  fabric for a three year old.
I managed to make a Tunic/ Dress, some pants, a bow tie for Miss E's hair and one for Mister M.
If only you could touch this fabric, the sofest thing ever. I have to admit I am myself a little jealous!
sewing details fringe
sewing details lace at hem
upcycled cashmere bow tie elastic
upcycled cashmere pants from sleeves

upcycled casmere pants

upcycled cashmere bow tie
So I have 5 more days to go... I can't wait to see what else I come up with!!! Stay tuned...


  1. Fabulous! I love the lace detail at the hem of the cashmere tunic.

  2. LOVE the star sweat pants!! So cool!

  3. @Marya, thank you! I thought it would be easier than to do a rolled hem, and it was!!!

    @Hopper, I've had that sweatshirt for years, so happy I kept it now!

  4. I am quite jealous of all the cosy cashmere clothes too, especially the pants. It's all lovely and I could definitely use that tutorial you mentioned, I picked up a fantastic hoodie at a thrift shop the other day. I'm a bit slow to get started this KCWC but hoping to make up for it the last 3 days.

  5. @Laura, oh I'm being slow at posting the tutorial. it's my first and I'm a little nervous to press publish! I have to say 7 days is hard to keep up with, 3 is pretty great too. can't wait to see what you make :)

  6. oh what awesome stuff! i especially love the pink star pants! my daughter would get a kick out of those. :)

  7. I know the feeling with hitting publish for a tutorial. I made some last night and they're great, my son asked if he could wear them everyday forever.

  8. @kristin thank you! I'm pretty sure you could make those with your eyes closed ;)

    @laura I hope you put them up in the Flickr group? I'm going to check it out now!!! And I didn't think you needed the tutorial ;)

  9. Phew, finally added. Now on to the next item.


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