DIY socks by Me Sew Crazy

Oh me oh my!
Have you seen this DIY sock tutorial on Me Sew Crazy yet? G-E-N-I-U-S.

Have you always wanted to try sewing?  This would make a great 1st project or great to teach yours kids how to sew!!!
I just love the possibilities, upcycle old t-shirts into socks and decorate them as your heart's content...
The instructions are simple and clear...

I just bought a sewing machine at a garage sale and I need to test it out, I think you know what I'm doing this weekend!!! I might make myself a pair or two, as well...
Is it friday, yet?

You might want to check the Me Sew Crazy for lot's more great tutorials and fun projects... Thank you Jessica for all the inspiration.



  1. thanks so much for the shout out! You are so sweet!!! And congrats on your sewing machine purchase, your life will now be forever changed. HA!

  2. @Jessica, I'll let you know how my socks turn out... thanks again:)


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