KCWC... part II

Busy busy busy sewing away... The week is over and I wish I had done more! I think I might have to keep going a little longer... I still have a pile of things to mend and I didn't get to do any dip diying. However, I did get to potato stamp!!!

These are some pj's I sewed up for the kids, it's made from some organic cotton I had left over. The kids had a choice between this blue, some aqua or a light pink fabric. Then I gave them a choice for the print, I could do a cat or a rabbit print and together we created a patato stamp. While Miss E was napping Mister M helped me out and we stamped his pj's. The kids were so excited, they wore the pj's as soon as they were finished, all afternoon untill the next morning!

What do you do with your old maternity clothes? I upcycled this tank top into a maxi skirt/ tunic and a color block dress for Miss E. If only you could feel the fabric, soooo soft, I have a feeling Miss E will live in these this summer.

Some more color blocking... for Mister M and  this time it took 3 t-shirts to make 1! I'll make Miss E one with the left overs.

Ka Pow!!!! Mister M loves his super heroes... Here's an upcycled XXL t-shirt made into a size 6 with some comic strip embroidered detailing and neon thread. Daddy cool has almost the same one!!!

So will you be joining me in the fall, for the next edition of KCWC? I sure hope so!


  1. What brand ink die do you use for the potato print? Love the pjs. Well done :-)

  2. i love the all in ones with the potato printing, adorable. what pattern did you use?

  3. @AnonymousI usually use fabric paint, I like setacolor by Pebeo. However this time I used some water based acrylic paint which I watered down a little and I tested it it on a swatch first until the consistency was just right! Happy you liked the pj's :)

  4. @Bec thank you! I created my own pattern from some old/ too small gap pj's my kids had... I used Velcro so they could get them on and off on their own, specially that my little is recently potty trained!

  5. Nice job! The PJs are great and so are the tshirts. My son would love the superhero shirt.

  6. These pj's are awesome! I was also going to ask which pattern you used but I just read that you drafted them yourself. I'm impressed!

  7. @Mama Pluis it's really not that complicated... I might end up doing a tutorial! I'll let you know if and when I do :)


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