KCWC midway!

Here's why I haven't been blogging much....

I've been sewing... This is what I've accomplished in 3 days, approximately 1 hour of sewing a day. I've got 4 more days to go...

Two detachable collars... 1 reversible and 1 recycled leather which required no sewing machine and a sharpie!

These skinny jeans had holes in knees, so I turned them into shorts and added a little contrast fabric at the hem.

I like to call this one my " grandma" cardigan! It's got vintage lace for closure and some doily elbow patches.

This is my "grandpa" optical illusion cardigan... The shirt collar and sweater are all sewed together. This is dads old shirt and moms old sweater.

I'll have more for you soon... Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow! What a great array of things you've made! I love the collars and the upcycled shorts (the tartan trim looks ace!)
    You must be a real sewing demon! :)
    Jules x


  2. you have been productive! i love them all. i have slowly been working thru a pile of mending for hadley [and her dolls] - sewing hems + re-attaching tutus. not as exciting as new things - but rewarding still :)

  3. @thingsandstuffhey Jules, thank you! Once I get started I can't stop! But these are all quick and easy things to make and I've been sewing since I'm 13, so it comes easy for me :)

  4. @kristin oh mending is my worse nightmare!!! But definetly still rewarding... I have a pile to go through too. And I love making doll clothes, for now the dolls around our house are all naked!

  5. looking good! happy sewing and happy weekend!

  6. I want so much to join KCWC this year...but I really didn't have time. ;-/ Its a fantastic event. So lucky you are in! xxx Agata

  7. Celina, you are great, I love them all. That collars are adorable!I want one for myself :-))Looking forward for more!

  8. @Rafa-kidsI think you had way more important things to attend! There is always this fall :)

  9. @Katta TubioThank you! I'm working on a tutorial for the teal collar ( no sewing required!) and I'll be making it mommy size too, so you can have one too!!! :)

  10. Incredible! I wish I knew where to start with sewing projects like these. That grandpa cardigan is right up our alley!

  11. @Lauren Knight thanks! A lot of these aren't that complicated... the grandpa cardigan was pretty easy to do actualy! Too bad we aren't neighbors, i would have shown you how easy it is! Maybe a tutorial could be an idea...

  12. You're on an upcycling roll! These are all great projects. Looking forward to the collar tutorial!

  13. @Barbie // Little Skyline so happy you like it! I should have tutorial any day now :)


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