I'm not sure how long I've been reading Babyccino, but I remember reading about these "things" called mommy blogs in Milk Magazine and how a few friends got together and where keeping in touch through the Internet, I thought how cool... I've been following them ever since! 

So I am beyond excited to let you know that I am the newest member of the BABYCCINO crew!!!! Yes, this is not a typo! I'll be there once a week, as of today, talking about this or that! 

Today, I share our favorite book and come see there is a rare photo of me and the kids! 

Thank you Babyccino! I hope I will meet all the expectations... 


  1. We feel like WE are the lucky ones! We are so excited to have you on our little blogging team. And happy to now have a friend in Montreal to stay connected to.

  2. @CourtneyI'll raise a glass to that! To new friendships!!!

  3. Congrats Celina! Very well done. : ) Can we please see, occasionally, a feature on a montreal or cdn company/brand? Share our canuck designability!

  4. @ChantalePAh yes... You can count on that! My head is spinning with ideas!


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