PRODUCT of EVOLUTION: The pedal car...

It's Mister M birthday this week, so I was thinking of dedicating the week to the boys... My son loves his cars, so much so he usually sleeps with at least 2, if not 3 miniature ones every night. What little boy doesn't love cars? Imagine one they can actually drive around... Pedal cars have been around pretty much as long as cars, they were the most popular in the 1920's and 1930's and then again in the 1950's, there seems to be a regain in popularity lately as well!

Here's a little timeline I created...

Nowadays you can get a pedal car that looks like mom and dad's or you can get a reproduction of a vintage one, perhaps if you are lucky enough you can get a vintage pedal car in it's original state or suped-up! Take a look at these little numbers...

Most of these are available at Amazon or an other great store, for reproductions or vintage styled pedal cars, is Classic Pedal Cars you should really check out their online store.

Have you seen these modern pedal cars?

This one is by Audi and cost more than the car I drive!

This is the Morgan pedal car, only 500 where produced...

This is my favorite! A 1950's beauty, Miss E would rock this car... Check out this blog it has some great reproduction that were specially made for an auction a couple of years ago...

Seriously, they should reproduce this model by Velam it's AMAZING. It belongs to the Micro Car Museum.

Prices vary from 150$ to 20 000$.
How much would you be willing to pay?
Perhaps we should try to build one of our own this summer! First, what we need is a driveway or a backyard so the kids could actually use their pedal cars...


  1. these are fantastic! i need one of these - ha! since i don't have my drivers license ;P maybe that little red one from the 1930s.

  2. Heu Kristin, great choice... how modern looking is that one! One of my favorite... Some are suitable for adults too ;)

  3. There are many different patterns that you can get as well with the car pedal including diamonds, circles, lines, ridges and many others. You just have to select the one that is best for you.

  4. A wonderful post! I needed a timeline of cars for my son's school board and this made it so easy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh awesome! What would we do without the internet? Sure can make life easier...


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