The Shuffle Bot + Cloud = 2 Handmade Halloween Costume

The LMFAO Shuffle Robot and Little Miss Partly Cloudy had a blast trick or treating... Mister M was too cool, he even shuffled for some extra candy, and Miss E was the cutest cloud ever!

This year I carved two and a half pumpkins... Mister M wanted a funny looking one, so he got it!!!
Here is the cloud costume... I even painted some lightning on her leggings, made a headband and put some lights on her sun!

And the Shuffle Bot, LMFAO's Dancing Robot... That was Mister M's idea, and I wasn't allowed to forget any details: the flashing eyes, the heart necklace, the two color shoes with "party rock".

I had sooooo much making these costumes, I really enjoy Halloween, always have! One of my first memories of coming to Canada when I was five, was my first Halloween... And any excuse to get dressed up is a great one in my books...

It's really too bad there aren't many handmade costumes out there, my favorite one tonight was a taxi made out of cardboard box. The kids also enjoyed seeing all the other kids costumes, they had fun distributing some candy as well, our street gets pretty busy, the neighborhood park throws a little party with decorations and a magician, they block off the street... It's a big party!

Here are some close up and details of my DIY homemade costumes...


  1. waouh, great costumes!!! i'm impressed (and jealous!!!)

  2. Thank you C.! One day I'll make the costumes and you'll take some photos... And they'll look 100% better!

  3. @Jen C. Thanks, I had fun making them! Can't wait for next year...

  4. such great costumes!! i love the little cloud!! what a fun night. i love halloween, too - or any opportunity to dress in costume :)

  5. @Kristin.... Thanks for stopping by! I love dressing up too... And now with the kids it's so much fun :)

  6. Love these! We had a robot in our house too, and he was ALSO wearing shiny pants! We were supposed to have 2 robots, but one of them went on strike!

    I love homemade costumes too, though I'm relieved that this year, I didn't have to make them!

  7. I would love a tutorial on the cloud!


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