IKEA... my love-hate relationship!

I brought my Lil'Sis' to Ikea yesterday and Miss E had a blast!
She sat in all the sofas, grabbed some napkin for her birthday Party and insisted on holding all three packs herself. Did not want to let go of her shopping bag. Made new friends in the kiddies section. And played with some toys, looks like she really loved the kitchenette, might have to be one of her Birthday presents!
Of course I didn't walk out empty handed, I spent way more than I wanted to, but just couldn't resist!
Got both of these tapestries... 30$ instead of 90$, I love them so much that I might have spend 90$! I might make them into bedspreads for the kids, what do you think?

All the while I'm thinking "Ikea not again"!!!! Oh Ikea, the emotions you bring in me are sometimes beyond my comprehension! How is it that I love you so much and hate (it's a bit of a strong word!) you at the same time? Do you feel the same way? Daddy Cool and I really make an effort not to have an "Ikea Home" in our little apartment, but when your budget is limited, it's really hard.... How can you not love the prices for the designs they offer. Here in Montreal, we don't have many options! We don't have the likes of Habitat, Zara Home, H&M Home or even Target. There is a lot of Ikea in our home, Mister M's room has the most, a lot was handed down, so we wanted to keep within the same vibe and his room is so tiny that the Ikea furniture was the best fit. Miss E's room has some elements and so does the rest of the apartment, but we really do make a great effort to mix in vintage and other items, so we can make it our own! I guess, if our budget allowed it, we would have a little less... But, I dream of an Ikea kitchen and when you see pictures like these, you can't help but love Ikea! Oh the emotions.... 

(source of the all photos above)

What child wouldn't want a dreamy room like these... Ikea has added a lot of great options for the kids rooms this year, the selection is really tempting, but then again what isn't at Ikea! How I hate to love you...


  1. Ha ha...You know i did a post a while back now on Ikea and sometimes how i would take my kids in winter to play there! I love it when i have nothing to get...then its fun BUT if i need anything or am buying furniture or are tight for time...i hate it!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea, and maybe it's for the best that the nearest one is several hundred miles away? Sigh. I love the Ikea Hackers site too - fun to see what inspired things people have created from cheap stuff. Bliggity blog on!

  3. @Tracy... I you and I have a lot more than ikea in common!!!!

  4. @besquirrely... Yeah! Good thing my husband takes the car to work...And maybe it's a good thing I'm not to handy with a hammer... Nice to have you stop by!


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