Copy Cat: Wild West & Teepee B-day parties to steal from...

When it comes to organizing a party the web is full of great ideas. Need some inspiration... You don't want your kids B-day party to look like a disney movie with Woody & Jessie plastered everywhere? Get inspired and go check out these blogs... there are lot's of ideas to copy from!!!
 COWBOYS & INDIANS party by Escarabajos Bichos & Mariposas: the party is seperated into 2 posts ( the text is in spanish!). This is one of my favorite!
BUCKAROO Birthday Party: This party has everything you need, from real ponies to roping & taming games, cute decorative ideas and the best lemonade ever! Go see the pictures on My growing Home
 TEEPEE Party: This birthday party is just too cool, and it's in a PARK, anyone could do this!!! One More Moore has all the details!
 Vintage COWGIRL party: How cute is this?  This website has plenty of party ideas... they also have the boys version, got to The TOMKAT Studio
 SHERIFF party: Great presentation and awesome food ideas... go to Somewhere Splendid:
 COWBOY party: here you will find some great games to play and easy decorations to make. All on Dandee
WILD WEST Party: a little Toy Story with lot's of other really great ideas... there is no harm in pleasing everyone!!!! check it out... on Minimocha:
My Little Buckaroo.... Huge party with lot's of fun ideas on Hostess: 


  1. Thank you for the shout out! We're all about the cowboy theme in my house (obviously), so I love the other ideas you rounded up. The top image of the little girls is one of my favorites....

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I was a bit hesitant about the Toy Story theme, however J had his heart set on we compromised in the end and everyone had a ball! I also love the top photos.

  3. @Mini Mocha, my kids are still young, so it's still easy to convince them of something! The best is making it your own...


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